Environmentally Friendly Film, TV and Digital Production.  Let Us Do the Math.

Greener screen aims to provide a transparent and effective way to cut down on emissions produced by the Film, TV Digital media industry. The first and crucial step is to develop a conscious awareness of how we use, consume and dispose of things around us.

We are not alone, our global network of partners led by Albert/BAFTA, helped us to accelerate our knowledge and managed to create our methods to support such transformation in the MENA region. 

We offer our consultancy services to productions and companies to create customised best practices and transformation plans. And we offer a turnkey solution for film commission, film societies, film festivals and film fund to integrate sustainability and make it part of their DNA. 

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We provide training and mentorship as well as a calculation for companies who want to join a global network of media professionals dedicated to making a change for the better

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